"Drill Baby" Nations List Lengthens: Dozens More Than A Quarter Past Peak Oil

peak oil nations image

Only 14 of the 54 oil producing nations in the world are still increasing their oil production. Image credit:Oil Drum, via Praveen Ghanta at truecostblog.com.

The number of nations well past Peak Oil is surprisingly long. As time passes, all of them can expect more dry holes, reliance on expensive extraction techniques, cries of "Drill Baby Drill" (in new languages), messier extraction & refining processes (think Alberta Tar Sands), and, oh yeah, seriously higher prices at the pump. Oil Drum has the full list of past-peakers in it's posting titled: Is Peak Oil Real? A List of Countries Past Peak. Just the top of the list is shown here.

I bring this up because Peak Oil is back in the news; and it will be fascinating to see how it folds into the politic of climate action. This could reinvigorate the 'drill here drill now' mindset, which if you think about it, is a panic reaction that could spread well beyond the USA.Few of the past-peakers listed are the nations we'd think of as taking proactive positions on climate change.

Nor would we instinctively think of them as good markets for battery powered cars made in Detroit.

As oil is a global commodity, maybe it only makes sense to look at the numbers collectively and see that the majority of oil producers are now in that "past peak" category. The commons shares our fate.

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