Dramatic Projections Bring Climate Change Impacts Home

watermarks project depicts impacts of cliamte change photo

Stunning Art Project Projects Impacts of Climate Change
TreeHugger was founded on the idea that art and design can help solve the ecological crisis we are facing - most recently evidenced by our round up of environmental artists shaking up the art world. But there are plenty of other great green art projects out there - from the Cape Farewell project in the Arctic to the Cool Globes public art initiative. The latest project to catch our fancy has been taking place in Bristol, England (my home town), and involves giant projections that aim to bring home the consequences of our current fossil fuel addiction. Click below the fold for more great pictures.The image is part of the Watermarks project, a public initiative to take the still somewhat abstract notion of climate change and put it in the context of our everyday environment:

Sea levels are rising due to climate change... but how much could they rise and how quickly? And how could this affect the city of Bristol? Watermarks is an artist led, public art project that will use a series of large-scale projections at sites across the centre of the city to explore these questions.

Flood level marks will be projected on to the sides of buildings, showing how rising sea levels could potentially inundate central Bristol and how high the water could get. The project will use current offical UK sea level predictions for the next 100 years as well as looking at other scenarios, including more distant future possibilities - for example, what if the Greenland or Antarctic ice caps melted completely?

Found via Make Wealth History.
watermarks project depicts impacts of climate change photo

watermarks project depicts impacts of climate change photo

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