Dr Who Embraces Solar Power

via internet science tech

Given that Robert Llewellyn, the former star of the cult comedy Red Dwarf, is now creating the popular online electric car series Fully Charged, and is raving about his own solar-powered car charging set up, British sci-fi has already contributed to a greener world. But now comes news that the Timelord himself is taking some very concrete steps to save the planet (as if he hasn't saved it a few times already). Business Green reports that Dr Who is going solar:

Solar panel supplier Krannich Solar and installation specialist Ecofirst have today announced they have completed the installation of a 50kw photovoltaic solar array at the new BBC Wales studios in the Cardiff Docks area that will be the new primary filming location for the popular Doctor Who series.

The 50kw size is not by any means an arbitrary number. While much smaller than many recent UK installations, it is the maximum size of an array that will still qualify for the Government's highest level feed-in tariffs after a recent review of solar incentives.

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