Dorchester Hotel Plants 80 Trees Around London for its 80th Anniversary

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When it comes to gorgeous hotels in London, it doesn't get much better than the Dorchester. A favourite haunt of celebrities and royalty, the grand hotel has a magnificent and huge Plane tree that has graced its entrance for 80 years.

The Dorchester Plane is mentioned in the The Great Trees of London. It says that it is "a humble tree, in its natural form, beside the opulent wealth of the hotel. It has the stately form and perfectly erect shape of a tree knowing it has to hold itself in for the cameras."

In honour of its 80th anniversary, the hotel teamed up with the urban tree-planting charity Trees for Cities and planted 80 ‘Future Great Trees’ in London.

There will be 15 in the immediate area, including an English Oak in Green Park and an Ash in Hyde Park, and 65 ornamental pear, sweet gum, field maple, Alaskan birch and gingko trees popping up in other less posh parts of the city.

famous london hoteldorchester hotel/Promo image

It's a wonderful gesture, and as Trees for Cities stated: “The Dorchester’s gift of 80 majestic, long-living, large canopy trees will provide clean air and help enhance the London cityscape for hundreds of years to come.”

The Hotel is going all out for their anniversary, and the trees: A cocktail from the 1930's called "Dorchester of London," containing cognac, pomelo fruit, citrus and honey, will be reintroduced, with proceeds going towards the tree project.

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