Don't Worry, Sonny and Rico, Your Boat Can Run on Orange Peels

Crockett and Tubbs will still be able to speed in their stingers and drive their Ferraris in Florida; the new governor Charlie Christ, who is purported to be an environmentalist, says that they can keep them going with sugar cane and orange peels as fuel. According to Reuters:

"I don't think they're going to have to change at all. I just think they're going to have to change what they use to power it, like ethanol," said Crist, a Republican who took over Florida's governorship in January from Jeb Bush, the younger brother of President George W. Bush.

"My desire is that we would be able to develop more ethanol production from sugar cane, and frankly from citrus waste as well," he said in a telephone interview from Tallahassee during a Reuters Global Environment summit.

"I think Florida can be such a great leader with ethanol that people can continue to enjoy the lifestyle they're accustomed to but we can do it in concert with a responsible approach," said Crist, citing his own ethanol-powered sport utility vehicle.

"You don't have to necessarily feel like you have to compromise or sacrifice or suffer in order to do good if you can do good and enjoy yourself simultaneously." ::Reuters

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