Don't Rip Up Your Driveway in North York

We last visited Franke James when she decided to do the "hardest thing" and get rid of her car. Logically she doesn't need a big paved driveway to her garage any more so she determined to tear it up and replace it with a more environmentally benign material that would absorb water and reduce the urban heat island effect.

Wrong. Even though the City of North York was merged into Toronto nine years ago, its archaic old rules still apply, and every house must have a driveway paved with concrete, asphalt or brick. Even Turfstone and other permeable pavers are illegal, the municipality thinks them a tripping hazard.

Whenever we hear that Toronto wants to be considered a Green City, something like this pops up to demonstrate how sincere its commitment really is. The clock is running- how many years will it take to change this bylaw? Video at ::City TV

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