Don't Be Afraid of the EPA! 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Plan to Curb US Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Hey, all you state politicians and US senators making noise and blowing hot air about the EPA's plans to regulate the worst greenhouse gas polluters in the nation! It's time to relax, take a deep breath, and learn the facts about how the EPA actually plans on regulating greenhouse gases. The agency is not, as you seem intent on misleading the public into believing, going to invade people's homes to make sure they're not emitting too much carbon. They will not regulate small businesses. Really, there's no reason to be afraid! These are the 5 important facts you should know about what's really going to happen.Texas, Virginia, Alabama have filed lawsuits as a reaction to the EPA's plans. And Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Blanche Lincoln, are pushing what is now known as the Dirty Air Act in order to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas pollution. Along with the lawsuits and the Dirty Air Act amendments, there's been more restrained questioning, as well: 8 senators wrote EPA head Lisa Jackson and asked her to outline specifically how her plan would work to limit greenhouse gas emissions. She wrote back (pdf) with the details, and the facts are quite revealing.


Fact #1

The EPA's move to regulate greenhouse gases is following the law confirmed in a landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court.

The EPA's action is not some crazy initiative cooked up by super-leftist wacko elites (or whatever they're calling people who care enough about the environment to speak out about it these days). It is following the law of the land.


Fact #2

Only the biggest polluters--those that emit more than 25,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be effected. And the EPA is even considering raising that threshold. This means the regulations will only limit the largest polluters in the country: the biggest oil, coal, and manufacturing companies.

So unless you keep a twelve acre oil fire burning 24 hours a day on your property, you really have nothing to fear about the EPA meddling in your private life.

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