Donald Trump Tees Off in Scotland

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It's been a good fight, but Donald Trumped in the end. He was proposing to build a billion pound golf course on the Scottish coastline. Smack dab in the middle of an unspoilt natural habitat, if you listen to those pesty environmentalists.

There was a public inquiry and the Chair of the local Council, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and two of Trump's own independent ecological experts, among others, opposed the development. One said: "I suggested this coastal stretch is probably the most dynamic set of dunes in Britain and that golf development was a very significant threat to site geomorphological and ecological integrity." But it doesn't matter. According to Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland "In tough economic times, substantial investment of this kind is at a premium." Where have we heard that one before... And: "It is entirely right and proper that the resources of the country are harnessed to boost one of our great industries — and tourism is a great Scottish industry."

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The development will cover 2,000 acres and will have two 18-hole golf courses, four blocks of 950 time-share flats, 500 exclusive houses, 36 villas, a golf academy and housing for 400 staff. The coastal road will be called Trump Boulevard. He will also be required to build a 225 pupil primary school, shops, 98 low-cost houses and 50 starter homes. The back nine holes of the main 18-hole course will be built over about a tenth of the sand dunes that are at the core of the fight. Trump has refused to alter that section of the course; the compromise position proposed by many.

But the bulldozers may still be stopped. There is a 23 acre farm, complete with rusting tractors and rambling buildings beside the site and the owner, Michael Forbes (pictured) refuses to sell. Trump has offered him £450,000 as well as a job and has insisted that he will build around him. But he says "They reckon the construction will last 10 years, but I'll never, ever sell to that loudmouth bully. I used to be proud to be a Scotsman, but I'm going to take both of my kilts out and burn them after this." The Times
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