Don Blankenship: Mine Safety Regulators "As Silly as Global Warming" (Video)


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I spent a little time last week writing about the Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship. Massey owns the West Virginia mine that had racked up thousands of safety violations by the time tragedy struck last week, leaving 29 miners dead. I profiled Blankenship's long history of putting profit over miner safety, but I forgot one particularly telling video, first shown on TreeHugger last September. It needs to be seen to be believed:

Here's the transcript of the video, via Think Progress:

We also endure a Mine Safety and Health Administration that seeks power over coal miners versus improving their safety and their health. As someone who has overseen the mining of more coal than anyone else in the history of central Appalachia, I know that the safety and health of coal miners is my most important job. I don't need Washington politicians to tell me that, and neither do you. But I also know -- I also know Washington and state politicians have no idea how to improve miner safety. The very idea that they care more about coal miner safety than we do is as silly as global warming.
This video was taken last year, when Blankenship was addressing an anti-union mining rally on Labor day. Clearly, this attitude has had devastating results--if Blankenship had addressed the violations his mine had racked up instead of fighting them, perhaps this terrible disaster could have been averted.

Note: this post has been updated to reflect the fact that this video had been previously shared on TreeHugger last year
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