Dog Hair Sweaters As Pet Memorial

We've already heard about hyperbolic crochet today, but here's another yarn (sorry!) that may interest our readers. According to the BBC, a couple in Newcastle in the UK have had the fur from their beloved dogs woven into sweaters as a way of remembering them once they are gone. Looking at the pictures, we're not sure they fit into our "hip not hippy" aesthetic, but they are still an innovative form of reuse:

"Kara was a pedigree Samoyed. She was so posh, if she could have talked she'd not have spoken to the likes of us. We found out from the breeders we got the pups from that it was possible to use their coat for clothes. It is the most amazing stuff. It's like mohair but more lightweight and more soft, and the more you wash it, the more soft and fluffy it gets."

If Mr and Mrs Willis are reading and are planning on getting new dogs, we'd refer them to our guide on How to Green Your Pet for further reading on good green things to do with your pets while they are alive too.

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