Dog Bingo Block Prints Raise Funds and Awareness for London Animal Rescue Centres

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Christmas gift giving...for the animal lover on your list. Dog Bingo by advertising and marketing firm With Relish is a lovely series of lino block prints created to raise awareness for animal rescue centres in London.

The artist, the inestimable With Relish creative director Sarah Hyndman has adopted a studio dog, Pip, an eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier, rescued by a dog shelter.

In order to raise money for the dog shelter, Hyndman created a series of lino blocks to print from, each featuring a different dog. She was inspired by all the different dogs encountered whilst walking her new pup in the local park. The blocks are rearranged each time enabling endless variations of combinations and ensuring that no two prints are the same. Hence the bingo.

a dog for christmaswithrelish/Promo image

Dog lovers will recognise the different kinds of mainly mutts. £10 -- about $15.50 -- from the sale of each lovable doggy print goes to an animal rescue shelter. They are available through With Relish (contact via email). So you can have your dog and not have to worry about walking it every day.

The prints are produced on an old converted mangle printing press in the studio. The artists at this graphic design company find that getting inky can give refreshingly unexpected results and feeds back into their creativity in other areas.

Maybe this should be de rigeur for all offices, given the barking good results.

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