Does Transition from Oil Create Wellbeing and Happiness?

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By now most readers are probably familiar with the community-based Transition Movement's efforts to create a life after oil. But besides creating more resilient, energy secure communities, what's the movement's impact on quality of life? We already know that simpler living can make us happier, but happiness may not be enough. We humans are also hard-wired to look for innovation, novelty and excitement too. So to me it is telling that when Rob Hopkins asks whether the Transition movement creates greater well-being and happiness, the tentative evidence he provides doesn't just focus on simpler, oil-free living, but the challenging and engaging process of getting there too. Quoting reader Tamara Schwartzentruber, Rob illustrates that the journey is at least as important as the destination:

Transition is a principles-based approach that ... seeks to imitate natural systems and allows participants to act joyfully, spontaneously and freely in creating a more life-giving way of being"

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