Does A Coal Billionaire-Sponsored Smithsonian Exhibit Muddle Climate Science? (Video)


Last week, I highlighted the expansive timeline of misdeeds from coal empire billionaire David Koch. You see, it had recently been revealed that Koch Industries outspent even Exxon in funding anti-climate science campaigns. But there's one more disturbing part of the story that I'd wanted to come back to: David Koch, has donated millions of dollars in funding to have his name on a new exhibit on evolution at the Smithsonian. Which of course wouldn't be alarming--if it didn't appear that he hadn't influenced the exhibit's curators to cast climate change in a dubious light. Watch:So did the coal billionaire go out of his way to create an exhibit that confuses the public on climate science? Physicist and climate blogger Joe Romm heads to the exhibit to find out.

I think Mathew Yglesias' commentary sums it up best:

Having been exposed to a lot of right-wing propaganda in my day, my expert judgment is that by the standards of right-wing propaganda this stuff is pretty mild. But by the standards of an exhibit in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, it's totally outrageous.
In other words, the amount of influence peddled here is mild by the extremes we see frequently in other examples, like in contributions to politicians' campaigns influencing their voting habits. But the fact that any such influence at all has been injected in what is supposed to be the nations most prestigious science museum--which is supposed to aim to objectively convey fact--is alarming indeed.

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