Do You Still Use A Business Card? (Survey)

kedrosky tweettwitter/Screen capture

Paul Kedrosky tweeted this yesterday. He is in the internet world, but also as an investor and entrepreneur, in the business world where I would have thought business cards are still pretty much de regueur.

treehugger business cardLloyd Alter/Public Domain
At TreeHugger, we have always taken a lighthearted and green view of business cards, with everyone writing in their own name on our teensy cards, giving nothing but our email addresses. We thought it was really green, to avoid the print runs for every different person at the company and to cut their size to the minimum. However I have been questioned about its legitimacy at at trade show registrations where they ask to see a business card.

johnson cardMark Johnson/Screen capture

Some are getting high tech; I picked this one up at Greenbuild, just having got a smartphone that could read QR codes. Architect Mark Johnson doesn't have much on it, but all of his information is now in my iPhone. Interestingly for an architect, his card lists twitter, facebook and linkedin, but no website.

But over at Freshome, they show 24 different business cards from architects, most of which are elaborate, expensive, die-cut, handmade, letterpressed.

I know architects will do anything to demonstrate their creativity (just look at their websites) but are these crazy business cards really necessary? Do you still use them?

Do You Still Use A Business Card? (Survey)
Business practices are changing; is the business card dead?

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