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For those of you in the last throes of Christmas shopping, here's the answer to what you could get the remaining few on your list, and it is available on Amazon, oops, As the description says, buy Nothing: it's "Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, incredibly durable, fits into your briefcase and co-ordinates with everything in your wardrobe."

It was created by Green Thing, a not-for-profit public service and a clever website that inspires people to lead a greener life. It's goal is inspiring green action.They use good design, quirkiness and ingenuity to encourage people to get involved in green initiatives in 7 different areas.


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Glove Love is another one of their projects. It's a glove story: as they say "no one needs a single glove, everybody needs some glove love."

They rescue single gloves, clean them, make a new pair, sew in a classy label and sell them for £5. They might look mismatched, but it's rather charming -- and ecofriendly.

Who are they? They are a hip group of English internet and media people whose mission "is to get as many people in as many countries as possible to do the Green Thing to prevent climate change and then use that people power to persuade government and business to do the Green Thing too."

Last January they launched paper airplanes, drawn by famous artists, to protest the expansion of the Heathrow Airport.

They are targeting people who are interested in the green movement but who "don't get turned on by the tree-hugging thing (Ooops!), the guilt thing, the scientific thing or the world-is-at-an-end thing. Green Thing is a simple thing, a fun thing, a creative thing and a community thing. It's for anyone who wants to lead a greener life but hasn't found a way."


The site focuses on 7 areas: walk the walk, stay grounded, all consuming, easy on the meat, human heat, plug out and stick with what you got. Each topic has some brief written information and a clever YouTube. Ninjin - The Way Of The Vegetable Assassin is the short film for eating less meat and it encourages people to eat seasonally by assassinating iceberg lettuce and out of season corn on the cob.

Definitely a site worth watching.

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