DIY Solar Heater from Recycled Campaign Signs

Using Corrugated Plastic to Heat Your House
OK, so the video might be a little over long, but the idea is neat. Using corrugated materials to create a forced air heater that can supplement the heating in your house. And while the demo version is built out of cardboard, presenter Dan Rojas suggests that in about a month's time there will be a fair amount of corrugated plastic signs littering people's yards across the US that could be about perfect for the job. The presenters claim that the device can provide temperature increases of as much as 45 degrees, and it's rediculously inexpensive to build. Of course the sun isn't always at its hottest when we need to heat our house, so we'd be interested to know how this works out in midwinter, but it certainly can't hurt. And this isn't the only cheap DIY green energy project that the folks at Green Power Science have put together. Billed as a "science website for free power", Green Power Science has created videos on everything from flash cooking with a fresnel lense, building a solar still, tp pyrolisis. We'll be posting some more of these videos over the next few weeks, so folks can get stuck into building affordable, green power in these turbulent times.

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