The Diverse Faces of Permaculture: 3 Awesome Films of Orlando Permaculturists (Video)

orlando permaculture activist photoKinesis Films/Video screen capture

From my friend Mike's chaotic urban permaculture allotment in England via a carefully planned campus-lawn-turned-forest-garden to the blossoming of a permaculture garden in the Jordanian desert, one of the things I love most about permaculture design is how there is no "permaculture standard". Every practitioner makes her or his own mark on the discipline.

From the unique environmental factors of each specific location through cultural influences to the personal tastes and personality of the practitioner, each garden is the result of a myriad of different factors—all processed and applied through the lens of permaculture design principles and ethics.

Take this set of videos from Kinesis Films for example about permaculture in Orlando, Florida. From Rafael "Ralphie" Rodriguez's take on permaculture as an escape from the urban gray of Orlando through Linda and Humberto's Florida homestead to Emily Ruff's focus on herbal remedies and medicines, these films are one more reminder that diversity is as important in our cultural systems as it is in our gardens.

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