Disney Says No More Paper From Unsustainable Sources

Disney has seen the light on sustainable sourcing of paper, after two years of talks with the Rainforest Action Network, announcing today a new paper sourcing policy which aims to eliminate entirely paper sourced from High Conservation Value Areas, maximize use of recycled paper and Forest Stewardship Council certified non-recycled paper, and minimize the consumption of paper overall.

The policy will apply to the company's entire global supply chain and operations—a pretty big deal considering all that Disney owns—including all the the company's media outlets, theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, product packaging, copy paper, and publishing operations.

By the end of 2013 the sourcing policy, accompanied by a robust monitoring and reporting program, will be rolled out across all platforms.

The move means that Disney will no longer be sourcing paper from such controversial sources such as Asian Pulp and Paper, and Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings—controversial in the sense that they are linked with widespread deforestation in Indonesia.

For those looking to examine the nitty gritty of Disney's new policy, here's your info: The Walt Disney Company, Paper Sourcing

Disney Says No More Paper From Unsustainable Sources
After a couple years of talks with RAN about the impact of unsustainable paper sourcing on rainforests, Disney has seen the light.

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