Discovery News Launches as a Dedicated Destination for the Latest in Science and Technology

discovery news photo

Image credit: Discovery News/DCI

At a time when many newspapers and other news organizations are cutting back, Discovery Communications has decided to step out and fill an increasingly empty niche. The launch of Discovery News signals a new commitment to covering the latest science and technology news with original reporting and features.Miguel Monteverde, the site's general manager, explained that:

We're on a mission to make people smarter about the world around them.

Covering news related to earth, space, technology, animals, humans, archaeology, and history, the site will capture everything from planetary probes to newly discovered armies.

Kelly Day, vice president of digital media and commerce, explained that:

At a time when other news organizations are cutting back coverage in areas such as science and technology, the new Discovery News underscores the company's longstanding commitment to sciences and fills a growing void with a trusted and captivating source of news.

The announcement of the site on Monday was accompanied by the release of a specially tailored iPone application, retailing for $0.99.

You can also find Discovery News on Twitter: @Discovery_News.

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