Discovery Communications Announces New Network: PlanetGreen


We reported in February that the Discovery Health Channel was adding a new natural living show to their lineup. Now Discovery Communications is announcing something even bigger: they're adding a whole new network. Called Discovery PlanetGreen, the network will be one-of-a-kind with 24-hour programming dedicated solely to living a green lifestyle. Discovery Channel's Planet Earth, the 11-part mini-series event which started on March 25th, had an overwhelming response (if you've seen it you definitely know why) and clearly demonstrated the interest and passion that viewers have for our planet. "The Earth has been central to Discovery since John Hendricks first chose the planet to represent our brand," said Chief Executive David Zaslav. "The goal of Discovery PlanetGreen is to use Discovery's worldwide credibility to be the most comprehensive and trusted global resource for celebrating, preserving and protecting the planet." In addition to a new network, the global initiative also includes a $50 million investment in new original content (with the first new special series called Ten Ways to Save the Planet) and a robust multi-platform offering with interactive tools and comprehensive "how-to" resources. Other aspects of the initiative include plans to secure the LEED Silver certification and to make its global headquarters a carbon-neutral building, and to work with a broad coalition of well established partners, such as The Nature Conservancy, us at TreeHugger and Grist, to produce relevant and entertaining programming, provide timely, reputable information, and inspire individuals to make a difference. It's exciting for us at TreeHugger as it will further expand our television outreach with what we are already doing with other networks including the Sundance Channel. ::Discovery

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