Did Canada Block the Commonwealth Consensus on Climate Change?

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Those of you who have been tracking the Tory government's initiatives on climate change know that the results - insofar as there have been any - have been, as Lloyd so aptly put it, quite "lame." Now it appears as though the Harper administration, not simply satisfied with pushing its own weak climate prescription, has been attempting to put the brakes on the Commonwealth's climate plan.

Harper's government has been accused of stalling the Commonwealth's progress by resisting the wording of a proposed statement that would bind Canada to slashing emissions substantially. "My understanding is that there is pretty much unanimous agreement except for Canada and Australia, but Canada is the major objector," said an anonymous source.Worse yet, the tactic has been attributed to Stephen Harper's own "strong personal view." Yet given that his sole and erstwhile ally on the issue - Australian Prime Minister John Howard - was unceremoniously dumped yesterday, he will likely start feeling some major heat as the U.N.'s meeting on climate change in Bali approaches.

The single line in the proposal Harper apparently found inadmissible was: "We call for a long-term global goal as well as binding commitments to deep, absolute emission reductions by developed countries." As the anonymous source went on to elaborate, hitting out at Harper's stalling motion: ""It's about the level of ambition. They [the Canadians] want a low ambition level rather a high ambition level for the process over the next two years."

Via ::The Globe and Mail: Canada blocking consensus on climate change, source says (newspaper)

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