Dick Cheney's Fight for Waterboarding is Like Al Gore's Fight Against Climate Change (VIDEO)

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Or so says Liz Cheney, the daughter of the recently quite visible Vice President Cheney. She was on MSNBC today to defend her father, who's been popping up on a bevy of talk shows arguing in favor of waterboarding. Which brings us to her choice line, here. In an attempt to answer the critics of Cheney's crusade to justify waterboarding as a necessary defense measure, she compares him to that other quite visible Vice President. Here's what she's got to say--video after the jump. "I haven't seen . . . anybody else saying things like Al Gore should go back to Tennessee and Al Gore is somebody who is very vocal, very much out there," Liz Cheney said, citing his public campaign to create awareness of climate change.

She indeed likens her father's pro-waterboarding efforts to Al Gore's climate change efforts. Watch:

While Liz Cheney is right that her father should have the right to speak his mind (which does, and no one is preventing him from), can a campaign fighting to justify waterboarding really be compared to an effort to raise public awareness of climate change (a Nobel prize winning one, at that)?

I'm not even going to get into this one--what do you think? Should a Vice President's crusade be respected and heard out by the public and the media, no matter the aim?

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