Diapason Non-GMO Futures Market Launched For Grains

Diapason Commodities Management has just announced its agricultural commodity-based index which incorporates only non-genetically modified organisms. The Diapason Commodities Agriculture Non-GMO Index includes five following futures contracts: Tokyo Grain Exchange Non-GMO Soybeans (42.10%); Euronext Milling Wheat (16.85%); Euronext Feed Wheat (11.61%); Euronext Corn (8.99%); and, Euronext Rapeseed (20.45%). Seemingly designed to address commodity traders in Japan and Europe, this offers traders a reason to watch closely for signs of changes in consumer acceptance, or prospective regulation of GMO grain-based products. This index won't reflect trends in locally produced food (not being a commodity), but could corrolate with organic food sales?? Actually, we're waiting to see if someone offers a commodity index for those who trade in the raw materials for poo power. Then, when the announcer with he slicked-back hair and pin-striped suit points at his chart and says "sheep clods are dropping" we'll know he means it in a good way. What, though, is a diapason? Image credit: Tokyo Grain Exchange.