DESIGN 21 Logo Competition: Win $5000

You could be the graphic genius DESIGN 21 is seeking to lead the world to their doorstep. Your logo could mark the portal to a community that will "bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design" if the newest effort of the Felissimo Design House succeeds. Designers may be familiar with the five biannual design competitions previously sponsored by Felissimo under the auspices of UNESCO (the sixth will be announced 1 September--will it be linked to the social design network concept?) The design pictured to the left won the first contest in 1995 "A United World for the Future Generation". The four pillars supporting the new online community, the celebrity connections and the text of the competition invitation are described below.

  • Design it:
    a series of competitions focusing designers on social issues;

  • Tell Us: information exchange on where good design can be found;

  • Find It: a marketplace where goods can be offered from which some of the proceeds support charities, (typical of the modus operandi of Felissimo Design House), and

  • The Plaza: an area hosting portfolios and profiles of designers and NGOs as well as a networking site.

Each of eight themes: architecture, culture, children, communication, environment, peace, world aid, and self-sufficiency will be represented by an "honorable emissary"--a famous face or well-known name to give the effort credibility.

If you are interested, the invitation to the competition is here and more information can be found at DESIGN21sdn:

Create the official logo of the DESIGN 21: Social Design Network - the winner will receive $5,000. DESIGN 21: Social Design Network is a new online community that will bring designers and non-profits together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design. Kicking off the launch of this exciting new venture, designers from around the world - students and professionals - are invited to enter. The contest ends September 4. Go to for information on the competition and the Social Design Network and enter your design!

Via: Jacqui at Felissimo