Department of Energy Releases $6 Billion in Funding for Environmental Cleanup

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The DOE is all about doling out the money lately (and good thing too): Today Energy Secretary Chu announced that $6 billion in funding allocated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been released for acceleration of environmental cleanup work: Soil and groundwater restoration, transportation, waste disposal, clean-up and demolition of former weapons complexes:Chu said that thousands of jobs will be created across 12 states by the release of funding, adding, "These investments will put Americans to work while cleaning up contamination from the cold war era."

Here's what's where that money is going:

Washington: $1.961 billion Most of that's going to demolish nuclear facilities, waste site and ground water remediation and retrieving solid waste from burial grounds. A smaller part of the funding ($326 million) is going to accelerate design and construction of infrastructure and transport systems to take radioactive liquid waste from aging underground tanks to new treatment facilities.

South Carolina: $1.615 billion Decommissioning of nuclear facilities at the Savannah River Site.

Tennessee: $755 million Demolition and disposal of uranium enrichment plant buildings, soil and groundwater remediation at the East Tennessee Technology Park, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12 sites.

Idaho: $468 million At the Idaho National Laboratory, accelerate demolition of excess nuclear and radiological facilities.

New Mexico: $384 million In Carlsbad, Accelerate completion of legacy transuranic waste shipment preparation and shipments to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant repository from one large quantity site and seven small quantity sites. Accelerate shipments from four other large quantity sites. At the Los Alamos National Laboratory, demolition of 35 buildings reducing the labs footprint by more than 260,000 square feet.

New York: $148 million Demolish surplus structures associated with a nuclear research reactor in Brookhaven; cleanup of the North Field Lake Area Separations Process Research Unit; design and construction of high-level waste canisters at West Valley.

Ohio: $138 million In Portsmouth, demolish surplus facilities and clean up 65 acres of contaminated soils and prevent possible future groundwater contamination. In Miamisburg, complete remediation at a historic landfill.

Utah: $138 million In Moab, accelerate removal of uranium mill tailings away from the Colorado River; disposal of an additional two million tons of mill tailings by 2011.

Illinois: $99 million Demolition of contaminated facilities at the Argonne National Laboratory.

Kentucky: $79 million In Paducah, remove and dispose of surplus chemical processing facilities.

California: $62 million At ETEC, provide funding for the EPA to conduct radiological assessments required for completion of an environmental impact statement and to enable completion of site cleanup. At the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, excavate and dispose of contaminated soil and install groundwater treatment systems.

Nevada: $44 million At the Nevada Test Site, support of future cleanup work through identification of waste characteristics within the soil, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, plus demolition of three buildings.

Multiple States: $69 million Reimbursement for clean costs to companies that formerly processed uranium and thorium for sale to the federal government.

For those keeping track, the remaining $70 million will be going to management and oversight/reserve at headquarters and sites.

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