Denver Green Apple Festival Snowed Out, But Thank You Concert Rocked! (video)

Bag Monster Photo

Photo by: Erica Leech

This year for the Denver Green Apple Festival, volunteers were set to xeriscape, plant gardens, restore the woodlands of Boulder County Parks, protect trees from beavers at the South Suburban Parks, clean trash along Bluff Lake, restore the parks of South Platte River, and organize many other restoration and educational activities and programs throughout the Denver/Boulder area. But then the snow came in... and snowed... and snowed... and snowed... and just when we though we might get a break, it snowed some more!Yes, the Denver Green Apple Festival was called off due to bad weather for the entire weekend. Volunteers stood ready, but the clouds just would not give the city of Denver enough of a break to get any work done. While organizers and sponsors could have just canceled the entire event, they couldn't pass up the chance to thank the hundreds of volunteers for their patronage, so Dumpstaphunk came out on Sunday evening to treat everybody to a lively Thank You Concert.

When I got there at 8PM, not many volunteers had made it down yet, so it made a particular creature sitting over in the corner rather obvious. It looked like a giant white blob from a distance, but as I got closer, I realized that what I was seeing was undoubtedly the dreaded Plastic Bag Monster that Treehuggers have been fighting for over 30 years. Seeing this as a once in a lifetime chance, I sat down to have a chat with her:

As the volunteers started to arrive at the Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom for the Thank You Concert, you could tell many of them were a little bummed about not getting to work on any projects over the weekend, but Ivan Neville (from the Neville brothers) and the rest of the members of Dumpstaphunk were bound and determined to get them out of their funk, with their own brand of funk. The show kicked off around 9:30 PM on a Sunday evening, and the Green Apple Volunteers grooved on throughout the night in honor of Mother Nature:

Thank you Denver volunteers for coming out and helping all of us celebrate Earth Day. Hope to see you again next year!

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