Denmark to say 'Goodbye' to Fossil Fuels by 2050 (Video)

This is an entry in my series on Denmark's myriad efforts in the climate and clean energy arena, and why they seem to work. I'm trying to find out if Denmark-ifying societies around the world might stop climate change ...
Lykke Friis, Denmark's Energy Minister
For any forward-looking society, the cost of relying on oil, gas, and coal looms larger than ever before. The impact fossil fuels have on the environment, climate, and public health is well past irrefutable--and the public knows it. Meanwhile, renewable energy grows increasingly affordable; which, along with improving technology, makes it downright feasible in a great many situations. So why is it still impossible to imagine a modern society decoupling entirely from fossil fuels?

In a country like America, the answer to that question is long, aggravating, and complicated.

In Denmark, the answer is: It's not.

Last year, a study carried out by Denmark's climate commission found that by increasing its wind power and biomass capacity, the nation could be fossil fuel-free by 2050. This year, the Danish government folded those findings into a comprehensive energy strategy -- by which the tiny nation will deploy enough renewable energy sources to enable it to forget all about oil and coal.

In 40 years.

Earlier today, I sat down with the woman who will be spearheading this effort: Denmark's energy minister, Lykke Friis. In the clip above, Friis explains how Denmark plans on executing its ambitious agenda, why it's imperative it does so, and why it's a sound economic move as well as an environmental one. Watch the interview above.

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