Denmark Funds Cash-Strapped Maldives Trip to UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen

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photo: Nattu via flickr

Just a quick update on the news that the Maldives budget problems were forcing the president not to be able to attend the COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen this December. It now appears the Indian Ocean nation will be able to attend after all. AFP is reporting that Denmark has agreed to sponsor the Maldives' trip:Saying that as the Maldives will be one of the nations worst affected by climate change, Denmark has ponied up €2.5 million in funds so that the world's poorest nations and low-lying island states will be able to attend the summit. The money will enable each nation will be able to send three delegates.

The Maldives president, Mohamed Nasheed, said he was "delighted to hear of Denmark's kind offer of support." Adding that due to huge budget deficits inherited from the previous government, "we are unable to travel abroad without financial assistance.

via: AFP/Yahoo News
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