Denmark <3 Electric Cars: $40k Tax Break, Free Parking, Charging Stations, Etc

better place electric car photo

Photo: Better Place
Minimum of $40k in Tax Breaks
It looks like Denmark is going to be an testing ground and incubator for electric cars and the related technologies and policies. And they're not going half-way: $40,000 minimum tax breaks, free parking in downtown Copenhagen, and a $100 million partnership between Dong Energy, the country's biggest power company, and Better Place to install charging stations and battery swap stations
better place electric car photo

Photo: Better Place
Wind-Powered Cars
Part of the appeal for Dong Energy is the ability to capture wind power at night, when it is usually plentiful, but when demand is low. With enough electric cars plugged in, that energy could be used to recharge batteries and thus be stored for use during the next day (or whenever the EVs are driven).

We should expect some of that technology to be on display very soon during the Copenhagen climate talks, since it's a perfect opportunity to show the whole world how much electric vehicles have progressed lately.

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