Demolition by Stupidity


Designated an historic structure, the Simcoe Hotel "was built in 1887 by Charles Ayre, who operated the facility as a small hotel which served the working-class neighbourhood "Riverside" (now part of Leslieville). The building is architecturally notable. It is a good example of a neighbourhood hotel that is distinguished by its pattern of brickwork, bay windows, and a corner entrance." Not noted in its designation is the fact that it was also famous as one of Toronto's first gay leather bars.

Yesterday a kid stole a truck; when the owner started chasing him he pulled his shirt over his head so that he couldn't be recognized. This compromised his vision somewhat so he crashed through the side of the historic hotel. Trying to escape from the truck to run away, he fell into the basement and had to be rescued by the fire department.

It is amazing that we have any historic structures at all, given the stupid things we do to them. ::the Star and great video at ::City See also ::Demolition for parking and ::Demolition by neglect

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