Dell Funds Solar and Schools in Brazil, India and Mexico

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School children in Brazil, India and Mexico have something to cheer about today as the Dell YouthConnect Grants, were announced totaling $2.7 million USD split among 11 organizations. Solar panels to power new computer labs; classes and curriculum on climate change; math, science and technology program development; and bringing computers into the classrooms of hundreds of children are all part of the goals of the YouthConnect program.Grants were awarded in amounts of $500,000 for ongoing programs, and $100,000 for startup programs. The winners include:

- The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) - to teach climate change to students in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mohali, Delhi and Chennai.

- America India Foundation - to create 24 computer labs for students in Hyderabad. Two of the labs will be solar powered.

While many of the winning programs focused on bringing computers into the classrooms, the students will also be exposed to the latest science on global climate change and sustainability. DELL estimates that over 500,000 new people get online each day for their first time and that over 50% of computer sales in 2012 will be in developing countries. That not only means an opportunity to bring wired infrastructure to the masses, but it also means that there will be an even greater need for proper disposal for e-waste.

DELL is also currently sponsoring its Social Innovation Competition, with a prize of $50,000.:Dell YouthConnect Grants
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