Deliver Your Own Version of An Inconvenient Truth


A couple months back, we heard Al Gore mention that he'd be training over 1,000 slideshow enthusiasts on how to give his Inconvenient Truth presentation, so they could spread the good word about the bad shape our atmosphere is in and get more people on board in the fight against global warming. They now have a website to support the project, so any TreeHugger readers who want to get up in the limelight and perfect your own version of Gore's slideshow should apply; if you're selected, there will be seven two-day training sessions between September 2006 and January 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee, where trainees will brush up on climate change science, learn some dynamic new presentation skills, and develop a new online learning community for ongoing activities. Sound good? Check out the website for more info, and fill out an application to be one of Al Gore's new disciples and climate change's next big hope. ::The Climate Project Training Program via ::Gristmill