Deepak Chopra, Dylan Ratigan & Arianna Huffington On How to Get Money Out of Politics: Watch Live at 7:00 PM

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It won't be news to readers that we at Treehugger find the still-ballooning influence that corporations and the wealthy exert on our politics to be one of the greatest problems facing the nation. So what do we do about it? Do we fight for a constitutional amendment that gets money out of politics? Do we work to reinstate Glass-Steagall to regulate campaign finance? Do we battle for an amendment that states that corporations are not people, and are therefore ineligible to freely donate money (as speech) to political campaigns, as Citizens United allows?

There are a lot of questions. And they will all be discussed tonight, at an intriguing discussion I'll be attending in Manhattan: ABC Carpet & Home is presenting another installlment of Deepak Chopra's Conversation, and tonight's guests are Dylan Ratigan and Arianna Huffington. Ratigan, the fiery MSNBC host, has spearheaded the 'Get Money Out' movement and is releasing a new book, greedy bastards. Both will surely figure into the conversation.

I'll have a report on the proceedings tomorrow, but you can watch the discussion yourself via Livestream above. The talk begins at 7 pm EST. Leave any comments or ideas below, and I'll try to wrap them into my post tomorrow. Enjoy.

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