Declaration of Independents: Fighting Big Boxes


No matter what keeps you awake at night—whether it’s the melting ice caps, peak oil, the threat of terrorism, the power of corporations, or the demise of civic engagement—the solution to all of these problems lies in rebuilding our local economies. Stacy Mitchell takes a stand much like Michael Shuman in the Small-Mart Revolution: "A much larger share of the dollars we spend at a locally owned store remains in the local area." Like Jim Kunstler in his latest post, where he says: "Driving a Prius might induce raptures of eco-moral superiority, but changing the zoning laws would produce a better outcome -- and that's just too hard." and George Monbiot says "ban and close out-of-town superstores." Stacy says: "Our hyper-mobility—as manifest in our sprawling, car-based settlement pattern and the distances that most of the goods we buy are transported—probably constitutes the greatest environmental threat we face. It certainly accounts for the bulk of the greenhouse gases we emit. .... Making incremental improvements to a inherently unsustainable economic system will not get us very far." All agree that the big box store exists because of the subsidy of cheap gas, and that we would all be better off with strong, vibrant and local shopping. Read the free PDF at ::Changethis