Dec. UN Climate Meeting To Be Held in Poland, Home of Extreme Coal

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The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Poznań, Poland, 1-12 December 2008. The goal of the meeting is to move from "discussion to negotiation mode in 2009- prior to the later scheduled Copenhagen Denmark meeting", "at which the negotiations are set to conclude". (Look below for summary excerpts of announcement.)

TreeHugger recently published a post about Poland's 96% dependency upon coal to meet it's energy needs, a condition that only partly shadows a similar dependency of the US State of Utah. It is places such as these which will make agreement difficult, where vested interests will object most strongly. Hence, it makes good political sense to have scientific and administrative meetings hosted up close and personal.

When, we wonder, will the USA finally host a parallel meeting for the world's climate change experts? Charleston, Salt Lake, Harrisburg...are you ready?

For those of you wondering about alternatives, there is a Wind Energy Association in Poland. Business Wire recently announced a report which highlights that "It is expected that the wind power generation in Poland will go beyond 26 TWH by the end of 2020." Wikipedia lists projections for Utah as having a 2,770 megawatt capacity for wind power. The projected megawatt capacity numbers for Pennsylvania and West Virginia, respectively, are, 5,120 and 594.

UN Announcement

The Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action (AWG-LCA) will deal with adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing and the shared vision for a new climate change regime...The Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) is scheduled to finish deliberations on the possible means to achieve mitigation objectives for developed countries, before moving on to consider ranges of emission reduction objectives of Annex I Parties...The Second Review of the Kyoto Protocol under its Article 9 will also take place at Poznań. Article 9 requires a periodic review of the treaty in the light of the best available scientific information on climate change and its impacts, as well as relevant technical, social and economic information.

Image credit:UNCC, Exhibition Information, excerpt from photo

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