Dear Mr. President, Why No Secretary Of The Environment?

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(Photo of the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, Tokyo, a gift from the same French foundry that gave New York City the more famous statue: from The Tokyo Traveller)

Back in November, 2008, we asked why the United States still has no Department of the Environment, and no Secretary of the Environment to represent American interests, domestically and abroad. Most other developed countries - all the European countries, Japan, and South Korea, and many others, even India and China, care enough to have created a special post in the national government for environmental protection. The European Union is a case in point, with a rather powerful commissioner for the environment:Why does the United States not upgrade the EPA to a proper federal government status - or will it just remain as an agency - to catch up with the European Union and Japan?

In negotiations about crucial global issues such as protection of biodiversity or climate change, who will Mr. Obama send to represent the United States? Frankly, we are not so impressed by your Vice Presidents. Come one, make my day.

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