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2012: Making The Case For Resilient Design

I have never quite figured out what sustainable design is; the word has become so mushy and meaningless. But there is a big overlap with it and resilient design, a conscious choice to use simpler, repairable, resilient systems. More in TreeHugger

2011: How Tofu is Made (Video)

I'll admit it, I'm on a bit of a CHOW kick of late. From their video introduction to beekeeping to footage of the coolest seed bank ever, these guys manage to capture people's passion with a sense of both respect and charm. This latest video is no exception, as we explore how tofu is made, why so much tofu in the West sucks, and how to really enjoy this "noble protein". More in TreeHugger

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2010: Sanaa, Yemen to Become World's First Capital City to Run Out of Water

Sanaa is home to 2 million people, and is growing fast--but experts say that if trends continue, it could be a ghost town in 20 years. More in TreeHugger

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2009: Book Review: The Power of Less

I hate Leo Babauta. More in TreeHugger

2008: Ecocities of Tomorrow: A Visit to Freiburg

Freiburg has built its economy and reputation on being "Germany's greenest city." More in TreeHugger

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2007: Andrew Maynard's Corb 2.0: Archigram Reborn

It is everything Archigram was forty years ago; an exciting, original revisit of how we treat where we live, how we define real estate. Imagine moving our houses around according to our activities, our whims, our friends, our crying babies. Imagine everyone being the penthouse and the next day being on the ground floor. More in TreeHugger

2006: Katrina Cottage: The New Urbanist Response

One response to the Katrina crisis is the Katrina Cottage, a 300 square foot house designed for displaced residents. Most temporary housing looks, well, temporary- it is unusual that such concern for quality of life is expressed in a solution. More in TreeHugger

2005: Griddle riddle: who's the best one of them all?

The choice between two "griddles", old-fashioned cast iron versus the lightweight, non-stick coated type, symbolizes the everyday personal decisions that affect national energy consumption. More in TreeHugger

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