David Suzuki Slams Greenwashing Politicians

TreeHugger hero David Suzuki doesn't believe all the green talk coming out of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "This is all political posturing," he said yesterday. Suzuki said it was hard to believe the Conservative's government's sudden conversion, given that one of the first things it did after taking power a year ago was announce that Canada would not be living up to its Kyoto commitment on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. And, Suzuki added, when "I met Mr. Harper before he was even the leader of the party ... he was denying that global warming was an issue."

Suzuki said it's not going to get any better if it simply becomes a political fad. "I don't think we can make global warming and environmental issues a political issue. Otherwise parties start jockeying and saying `I am greener than them.' "This is a fundamental issue that affects all of us regardless of whether you are right or left wing and we have got to get on with it." ::The Star

In more Canadian news, we learn from Eco-Sherpa that New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton doesn't just talk the talk but walks the walk with solar panels, triple glazed windows, low flow toilets and high efficiency appliances. Watch Olivia Chow lead a tour of the house via youtoube at ::Annex Crier