David Attenborough Urges Corporations to Help Reverse Population Expansion

Sir David Attenborough has spoken out against climate change and our estrangement from nature. Now the Guardian reports that he is taking on one of the most controversial environmental topics of all, Global population expansion and the destruction of the natural world. It's too late, he says, to stop population growth, but we can mitigate its effects on nature. And he suggests corporations have a role to play in doing just that:

To save many of these areas from development that would destroy the natural ecosystem and wipe out many species of animals and plants, he called on businesses to help buy the land. To avoid criticisms of "neo-colonialism", he called on them to hand the land over to local organisations that will protect it while providing jobs for people living in the area.

It's a nice idea, of course, but what's in it for the buyers? Given our perverse economic system, many of us would have serious doubts about corporations buying up land purely for the common good—and concerns about such strategies becoming a smoke screen for further exploitation of people and resources.

Or am I just being cynical?

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