Dave's Picks: Best of the Huffington Post Green

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The Huffington Post is one of the definitive leaders in online news, and its green page is no exception. In fact, Huffpo Green editor Dave Burdick was chosen by you, the readers, as the top dog in TreeHugger's Best of Green awards. As in the numero uno, best of the best in the green world. So it's safe to say the man knows what he's talking about, and above all, he knows how to pick out a good green story from the teeming mass of news out there. We asked him to send over his 9 favorite stories on the Huffington Post Green last week, and he's graciously complied: here are Dave's picks.
What Deforestation Means For Birds
25-30% more birds are suffering from heat-related exhaustion in India this year, since deforestation has forced them to fly further distances without stopping to rest. The post includes a great photo of a parched bird.

Did Hoagie The Hero Dog Fend Off A Mountain Lion Or Start A Fight?
The story of Hoagie the dog, who allegedly came to the defense of his owners when they were attacked by a mountain lion, spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. But did Hoagie actually start the fight himself?

Letterman Worried That Electric Car Would "Magnetize My Nuts"
Dave had Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla on the show to talk about the electric car company's new Model S Sedan. For some reason, Dave got a little freaked out . . .

PETA: Michael Vick Won't Represent Us, May Be A "Psychopath"
When the surprising news surfaced that PETA had approached Michal Vick—who's now serving jail time for running a cruel dog fighting ring—to become a spokesperson for the animal rights group, many thought hell had frozen over. In true PETA fashion, they quickly set the record straight in a letter saying the offer was long off the table, adding that Vick is probably a clinical psychopath for good measure.

The Simpsons Ask: What Will Springfield Be Like In 50 Years?
Maggie Simpson takes a look at the future of Springfield—and it isn't pretty. Hilarious video harps on many current eco themes.

John DeCock: Have You Heard Of Factory Farm Flu 1?
Columnist John DeCock takes on factory farms' role in the swine flu pandemic and beyond in this insightful piece.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer: Reducing Pollution Should Not Be A Partisan Issue
Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer makes the case for bipartisan action for cutting pollution, and applauds Pelosi for her efforts in weaning the Capitol Power Plant off coal.

Maura Judkis: What A Waste: New Homes Demolished by Bank
A bank decides to demolish brand new, 2-year old houses because it's cheaper than selling them in the current market. Judkis is right: what a waste.

Bill Chameides: Cash-for-Clunkers Still Not Ready For Prime Time
Chameides explains the flaws of "Cash for Clunkers"—a program that many TreeHugger readers had problems with too.

So head on over to Huffington Post Green to find these and more--it's one green name you can trust.

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