Darth Vader, Rep. Ed Markey Try to Use the Force on High Gas Prices (Video)

In this goofy play on one of this year's most popular Super Bowl ads (y'know, the one where the little kid runs around the house trying to use the force on various stuff), Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) teams up with Darth Vader to explain that nothing short of a "clean energy revolution" will bring gas prices down. Watch.I've been harping on this all week, but those folks in Congress nobly working to find a "solution" to high gas prices just don't seem to be TreeHugger readers. Otherwise, they'd know by now that expanding offshore drilling won't do squat to lower gas prices, especially in the near-term. There is indeed no "solution" that members of Congress could possibly legislate to lower gas prices -- it boils down to a supply and demand issue, folks.

And that issue, of course, is that we're officially running out of oil, and more people want more of the stuff than ever -- our consumption isn't slowing in America, and demand in India, China, and Brazil is skyrocketing. So gas prices will see an upward trend at the pump for the foreseeable future. But next to no one in Congress has the stones to ever say something like that.

The only thing that will save us from uber-high transportation costs (since most Americans utterly depend on cars for mobility) is, as Markey says, a clean energy revolution of sorts that will make us less dependent on oil in the long run. More and better public transit will help too. But until we take the necessary steps to start moving towards clean energy and more efficient transit, we're stuck with rising oil costs.

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