Danny Glover at 'Occupy Oakland': Our Politics Have "Failed the Fragile Planet We Live On"


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'Lethal Weapon' Star Joins Occupy Wall Street Movement
Danny Glover, I can assure you, is most certainly not getting too old for this shit. The actor gave an impassioned speech at Occupy Oakland last Saturday, as part of the movement's international day of action. He hit on the core message of Occupy Wall Street -- that corporate greed and influence has crippled our democracy, which now best serves only the richest 1% -- but he did an impressive job of linking that message to the current environmental crisis as well.


Glover levels a sweeping criticism at how the state of modern U.S. democracy has by and large failed to address our most pressing environmental concerns and has "failed this fragile planet we live on". He means two things, I think. First, that corporate influence has corrupted our political system, and has prevented adequate policies to protect the environment in the modern era. Second, he powerfully suggests that our growth-obsessed global economy is taxing the planet's resources beyond the breaking point.

And he's right. With China, India, and Brazil rapidly transforming into nations of Americanesque consumers, we're going to see a bigger and bigger squeeze on the planet's resources -- so as long as all those nations (along with the U.S. and Europe) rely on an economic model that presupposes continued growth is necessary for full employment, as they do now. Some major changes will have to take place -- both in the U.S. and on a global scale -- in order to secure a sustainable path forward.

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