Daniel and His Electric Car, Children's Storybook from the DoE

The Department of Energy has a children's story-book on it's website, designed to teach children about alternative fuel transport. Whether it will create a generation of electric-friendly motorists or not is open for debate, but it's a good step.

The story follows a father and son looking for a new car, and obviously features an electric car as one option. It's not presented as a perfect choice, and the flaws of EVs are explained as well as the advantages. The high cost of electricity is mentioned, as well as the fact that charging at night will reduce the running costs. It is definitely a good way of explaining electric cars to children, in a fairly objective manner.

"I think you might want to look at a really special little car," said the lady. "A car that runs on a battery. It is called an electric car."

"COOL!" said Daniel, "I want to look at that one."

"Ok," said Daddy," let's look."

::DoE - Daniel and his Electric Car via ::Auto Blog Green