Dallas Police Bust a Cockfighting Ring, But Prosecution May Not Happen (Video)


Photo: Taro Taylor under a Creative Commons license.

Last Saturday, the Dallas Police Department and the Human Society of the United States broke up a cockfighting ring is Dallas. In total, there were about 100 birds on the premises, of which 30 were either already dead or were so injured that Humane Society officials had to euthanize them on the spot. Some arrests were made, with more on the horizon, since many of those in attendance fled into the nearby woods, leaving their vehicles behind. The Texas Tribune was along for the raid, and posted a YouTube video of the bust and its aftermath.

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Video: The Texas Tribune, via YouTube

Police officers and Humane Society officials found alcohol, marijuana, razor blades and syringes on the premises. Most horrifying are the razor blades, called griffs, which are attached to the roosters' legs, allowing them to inflict more damage on their opponent. John Goodwin, the manager of animal fighting issues at the Humane Society, who narrates the video, puts it simply:

There are two reasons people have these animals fight to the death: bloodlust and gambling...People were watching the birds fight to the death; they were betting on which one would live and which one would die.

But what is most disheartening of all is the unlikelihood that this bust will result in serious prosecution of the offenders. Animal cruelty laws in Texas are both lax and full of loop holes, Goodwin explains. Cockfighting is a felony, but owning roosters for the purpose of fighting them and attending a cockfight are both perfectly legal. Some who were arrested during the raid will face criminal gambling charges, but not under the more serious animal cruelty law.

Read more at the Texas Tribune.
Via the Dallas Observer
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