Dallas Meat Packing Factory Under Investigation for Dumping Pig Blood Directly Into River

A Dallas meat packing factory, previously cited for inhumane treatment of animals, is under investigation for dumping pig blood and other chemicals into a nearby river. The river runs directly beside the Columbia Packing Company. Investigators fear that an open pipe was dumping the blood straight into the river.

The amount of blood was supposedly so large that a photographer taking aerial photos of the Trinity River noticed it seemed to be running red. The photographer reported the issue setting off an investigation from the Department of Health and Human Services.

CBS Local reports:

Dallas County health officials say photos investigators took show blood appearing to flow from the Columbia Packing Company into Cedar Creek and then into the Trinity.

Health and Human Services chief Zach Thompson says that the EPA discovered a secondary pipe not connected to a waste water system and the question remains who installed the pipe and why.

Again, CBS Local:

According to a letter by the Animal Welfare Institute posted on the USDA’s website, the plant was cited in 2008 and 2009 for inhumane treatment or slaughter of animals.  The letter also says the company received a one day suspension each time.

It seems beyond frightening to me that a factory that had previously been cited and suspended for inhumane treatment of animals would dump enough blood into the river that it ran completely red before an investigation began.

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