Daily Show: Canadian Chrysotile Fiber is Safe. Asbestos Fans Rejoice. (Video)

In a recent segment entitled "Ored to Death," The Daily's Show's crack enviro news team puts to rest all concerns and fears about asbestos mining and use. First of all, even though there's a town in Canada named Asbestos, we're not talking about that, we're talking about "chrysotile fiber," ok? And B), folks in India follow all safety regulations while using the fibers as the video footage clearly demonstrates with the use of colorful bandanas covering the mouth. Back in 2008, Montreal TreeHugger Kimberley Mok covered the issue of the Canadian government being an "Avid Cheerleader" for Asbestos trying to keep channels open for its purchase and use on the international market; they succeeded and now India is buying 400,000 tons of "fiber" a year.

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