Czech President & Climate Denier Vaclav Klaus To Preside Over EU In 2009

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Just when we thought there was a chance for a rationalist US Administration to mesh with the Climate-action oriented EU and with an increasingly open-minded China...

[Vaclav] Klaus has called man-made global warming a myth and questioned sanity of Al Gore, the former US vice-president who received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for turning a spotlight on climate change...From his vantage point in Prague's Hradcany castle, Klaus could be involved in negotiating a new set of EU climate laws while the Czech Republic chairs the EU in the first half of 2009.
Via:Duetche Welle, Czech President: EU's Outspoken Global Warming Doubter.

What brings Mr. Klaus to his view on climate science?

The Czech Republic was estimated to emit 62% of it's C02 from coal burning in 2002. Definitely not as coal dependent as Poland...see our recent post Extreme Coal - Poland's 96% Dependency Could Be World Record for details.Allegiance to the present US Administration view on climate perhaps? What makes this seem somewhat unlikely is that:

Aside from controversies and protests, expansion of wind energy in the Czech Republic brings millions of euro in profits to domestic companies and new jobs for hundreds of Czechs...And what more, experts see this trend continuing in the future.
Via:Czech News, Going with the wind. Czechs export to Russia, China

Perhaps there is a wish not to depend further on Russian-supplied oil or natural gas?

However, WIkipedia outlines another possible motive: he leans to the free market Utopian view, if judged by the company kept.

He has published articles in the libertarian free-market Cato Journal. On May 28, 2008, Klaus gave the keynote address at an annual dinner hosted by the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market advocacy group in Washington, D.C., and received its Julian L. Simon Memorial Award...The state-influenced Russian oil company Lukoil is paying to translate, publish and promote Klaus' book on climate change.

It may well be up to the US alone to take a leadership role on climate action, not relying very much on the EU for direct support.

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