Cycling in Detroit, LEED-washing and Debating Sustainable Development

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Toby Barlow writes about making Detroit a city for cyclists instead of cars.

While bike enthusiasts in most urban areas continue to have to fight for their place on the streets, Detroit has the potential to become a new bicycle utopia.

New York Times

An online debate:

This house believes that sustainable development is unsustainable.
The Economist
Is a building designed to LEED standards or is it LEED certified? Does it matter?
Some in the industry are playing a little loose with the term, using phrases such as LEED lite, LEED shadowing and spirit of LEED to describe projects that may aim to be green but have not achieved the actual status.
Globe and Mail

Is Green Bin municipal composting a waste of time and money? Depends how you do it.

Deep flaws mar recycling program as tons of organics end up in landfills or are turned into compost so toxic it kills plants.
The Star

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