Cutting the Crap on Mount Everest

clean mountain
Mount Everest is a dump. Literally. Almost 3,000 people have climbed the famed peak since 1953 and their toilet-training has been non-existent. Last May Dawa Steven Sherpa made an Eco Everest Ascent of the mountain to raise awareness of the impact of global warming. As part of his mission, he and fellow sherpas cleaned up 2,100 pounds of junk found there and 165 pounds of their own poop. TreeHugger wrote all about it then.

He used the Clean Mountain Can. Made in the USA, it is a portable toilet; an 11 inch high plastic can, weighing 2.4 pounds, with an opening that is eight inches in diameter. Inside it has a gas-impervious insert bag designed to keep in smells ( why worry up there?) and neutralise the waste inside.

dawa steven sherpa photo

Now he is going public with the device and urging all climbers to use it: "It is portable and very secure. I want to promote anything that manages human waste on the mountain.There is a heightened need for environmentally friendly practices in climbing, not only to have a neutral impact on the mountains but a positive impact." :: Reuters
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