Curry Spices In Livestock Feed Could Significantly Cut Methane Emissions

pig rear photo

Watch out for curry-laden ricochets! Image credit:Kalebeul.

This is one of those classic good news / bad news stories which makes you wonder if the scientists working on it have all their marbles. The 'good news' discovery is this: coriander and turmeric (the yellowing agent in curry) has been shown to cut cow and sheep fart methane content by up to 40%. From coverage in The Independent: "Working rather like an antibiotic, the spices were found to kill the methane-producing "bad" bacteria in the animal's gut while allowing the "good" bacteria to flourish..."

The bad news.
Cow, sheep, goat, pig...yes pig...farts could smell like curry. If I were a livestock raising farmer that threat alone might be enough to make me become a climate denier.